Dog Supplement Guide

Vitamins & Supplements for Dogs Are Just as Important as they are for You

Dogs need vitamins & supplements just like humans do. Not only do dog supplements & vitamins help a dog maintain good health, but they can also help prevent health problems. We take our health very seriously, and we know that when our bodies aren’t healthy, we don’t feel our best. We take the health of our dogs seriously because we want them to feel their best as well.

Dog Supplement Guide 2021

Is it necessary to give your dog supplements?

To ensure our dogs have proper nutrition, providing them with supplements is a great way to go. Just like with humans, your dog’s nutrient profile depends mainly on what they eat. Because most dogs eat a mixture of food produced in bulk by large companies, the nutrient profiles are relatively generic. One way to improve the nutrition profile of your dog’s diet would be to feed them a balanced diet of fresh food and treats. However, this isn’t always possible for most dog owners.

Your dog’s breed, age, activity level, as well as a host of other factors contribute to their unique nutritional requirements.

It might not be necessary to give your dog supplements, but they may benefit from the better nutrition and health benefits they provide. Dog supplements are specially-formulated and designed to help with everything from joint pain to digestive problems.


When should you give supplements to your dog?

Most dogs can take a multi-vitamin every day. Other supplements are designed to meet the more specific needs of your dog. In some cases, supplements can help if your dog is underweight, experiencing any digestive problems, getting older, is pregnant or nursing, or is very athletic.

At NurtureVet, we’ve created dog supplements that you can give to your dog at just about any time. You may have specific concerns about your dog’s health. In that case, we also recommend and encourage speaking to your local veterinarian to get their recommendations and have your dog checked for any significant issues.


Which vitamins do dog owners give to their dogs daily?

A daily multivitamin is a supplement we recommend for any dog and one that many of our customers give to their dogs every day. In addition to a multivitamin, owners can give their dogs a daily joint support supplement and Omega-3 supplement. If your dog has a particularly sensitive stomach, we also recommend a daily probiotic.

In addition to proper nutrition, the great news for your dog is that most supplements come in a “treat” form, which dogs love and will be happy to take as often as you give it to them.

We, of course, recommend NurtureVet dog supplements and products and only produce and sell supplements and dog products that we use ourselves.


Recommended Vitamin Supplements for Dogs

We love our dogs and have several English and French Bulldogs. Our dogs love our entire line of supplements, and we give them these as treats every day.

Dog Multivitamins for Overall Wellness

What are the best multivitamin supplements for dogs? 

We’re a little biased, but NurtureVet Multi-Vitamins for Dogs are one of the best supplements you can give your dog daily. We’ve specially-formulated these multi-vitamins to support the good health of your dog, including their; skin, brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, ears, joints, and liver function.

Our Dog Multi-Vitamins contain high-quality anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These are suitable for all breeds of dogs and are designed to promote optimum health.


Dog Prebiotics and Probiotics for Healthy Digestion

Gut health is critical for dogs and humans alike. Ensuring proper digestion will help your dog get the nutrients it needs from the food that it eats. Not only does this make for a healthier dog, but it makes for a happier dog as well.

Dogs experience upset stomachs and digestive problems similar to how we do. Supplementing their diet with prebiotic and probiotic supplements is a great way to keep your dog in excellent health and reduce the amount of stomach distress they may experience. 


Hip & Joint Supplements for Flexibility and Mobility

If your dog is like most dogs, they indeed love to play. Active dogs are happy dogs, but all that play along with the normal aging process will start to wear on their joints. We can’t avoid the aging process altogether, but we can give our dogs what they need to help keep up their mobility and flexibility.

What is the best supplement to give your dog for joint support?

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM and Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the top-recommended supplements for joint support that aid in the mobility and flexibility of your dog. 


What is an affordable joint health supplement for dogs?

NurtureVet pet supplements, and in this case, our NurtureVet Joint Support for Dogs, is the best choice. We’ve packaged top-quality ingredients into a tasty treat that your dog will love and have it priced affordably. You can rest assured knowing you’re giving your dog a quality supplement that won’t break the bank.


Skin & Coat Supplements for a Lustrous Coat and Reducing Shedding 

The best supplement to support the health of your dog’s skin and coat is Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements. We carry two different packages, one for small/medium-sized dogs and one for large dogs. The pharmaceutical-grade oils are high in DHA and EPA, making them ideal for dogs with minor skin conditions.


Calming Supplements for Anxious Dogs

It's common for dogs to have anxiety, particularly in our increasingly noisy and busy world - around 50% of dogs are scared of fireworks, and close to 15% suffer from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is common in dogs and can affect their well-being as most dogs are alone for at least an hour or two, or more, each day while their owners are away at work.

Lately, most dog owners have been at-home more than usual. In the coming months, many dog owners will likely begin being away from home more often as they return to in-office jobs and begin attending in-person events.

NurtureVet Calming Support for Dogs are tasty, daily treats with ingredients formulated to support calmness and a sense of peace for your dog. These ingredients are known to instill a sense of calm and reduce the sensation of anxiety in dogs. We recommend these as daily treats for overly anxious dogs and as treats to have on-hand for dogs that experience occasional anxiety.


How to get the best dog supplements?

Look for quality, clear labels, and positive reviews. Save money by ordering online, and use auto-ship to ensure you never run out.

Keep your dog in its best shape with healthy dog supplements from NurtureVet. 

NurtureVet dog supplements help your dog’s body function properly - keeping their digestive system regular, their bones and joints strong, and their coat healthy.