About NurtureVet Dog Supplements


At NurtureVet, we believe every dog deserves to be nurtured! That’s why we provide premium, high-quality dog supplements specifically formulated to help your dog thrive.

Your best friend will think our NurtureVet soft chews are treats…and that’s just what they taste like! What they don’t know is they are being ‘treated’ with high quality, premium functional dog supplements, backed by thorough and extensive veterinary research and development and a commitment to the highest quality ingredients, to help them live a happier, healthier life. It’s that simple.

Because…like you, we believe every dog deserves to be nurtured!


Here’s what we know to be true – there’s a reason dogs are called “man’s best friend.” We think they deserve the very best in this world, and we want to make sure they have access to it. We love the sound of panting and live for the smell of wet fur. Our favorite restaurants are the ones with dog bowls, and we believe there is no better way to spend an evening than cuddled up on the couch with a puppy by our side. Our intention has always been to bring the most enriching, tasty and nutritious supplements to dogs. We want to live in a world that cultivates great relationships between humans and their animals. We will be responsible for extending those relationships.

NurtureVet founder, Samuel Vigil started the company because he truly loves dogs, “I always want what is best for my dogs, and my goal was to draw on my knowledge and experience to help other people’s furry companions experience a better quality of life!” Samuel compiled a team with a combined 30 years in the pet industry, and leveraged his background and partnerships to develop the much sought after NurtureVet products. Made in an FDA registered laboratory using wholesome ingredients, NurtureVet was designed by veterinarians, using advanced techniques, to result in the best health benefits for the lifetime of your pet. 

Established in 2018 and brought to market in 2019, NurtureVet embodies a family approach to business. “We’re a community, a group of dog lovers striving for what’s best for our pets - we all have the same goal!” Everyone who works for Nuture Vet loves animals, and can often be found in Andy's, our Chief Dog Officer, office for a game of fetch or to give a tummy rub. It’s this kind of love, devotion, and passion for pets that drives NurtureVet to produce the best pet supplements on the market.



We set ourselves apart from the rest by sourcing high-quality ingredients from the USA. Our selection of supplements and products will improve the health and energy of your dog for years to come.


We believe in honesty and transparency. From our partners and suppliers to our customers and their pets, you can trust that everything we know, you’ll know.


We are dedicated to helping your dog live its best possible life. Motivated by our devotion to animals and encouraged by the feedback we get from dog owners around the world, we are committed to making the most innovative products available for your pet.


We built this brand with one aim: to keep excellence at the center of everything we do. From product selection to ingredient management, we are committed to ensuring the best treatment for your dog.


We promise to always go the extra mile, to offer before we are asked and to initiate rather react.