5 Best Supplements for Dogs with Anxiety

5 Best Supplements for Dogs with Anxiety

5 Best Supplements for Dogs with Anxiety

Does your dog have anxiety and you can’t figure out what to do?

Time to introduce dog calming supplements into your puppy's life —before they are nearly crippled from anxiety.

Dog supplements, without any doubt, are the best way to treat anxiety and bring your dog back to their healthy mental and physical state. 

Unfortunately, with dozens of brands to pick from, it can be tricky to cypher through and choose the correct one for your dog.

Here is a list of some of our favorite supplements to help east your dog’s anxiety.

1. Nurture Vet Calming Treats for Dogs - Treat Anxiety & Stress

Does your dog tremble whenever you take them out to new places? Do they pace, pant, and hide in the bathroom during storms? We must recommend NaturVet as our very first calming supplement to consider.

With zero side effects, it mellows out your dog as soon as they smell the supplement in the air, let alone when they chew on it. Thanks to the melatonin in the product, they will be much more obliged to rest and relax, even during storms and other potentially frightening things for your dog.

Does your pooch have a sensitive stomach? Are you afraid the supplements might disturb their stomach and make them sick? With its healthy ingredients, you have no need to worry.

These supplements can even help your dog to enjoy traveling, too! 

2. VetriScience Laboratories- Composure, Calming Behavior Support Supplement for Dogs 

Now available in three flavors, VetriScience is going to be the ultimate option if you think there’s no way to treat the separation stress and anxiety of your dog.

These scrumptious chews are made to introduce the calming effects within 30 minutes, lasting for four long hours. Even in the worst of storms, these can help your dog to stay calm and anxiety free.

3. Gracie To The Rescue Calming Treats for Dogs

Finding a naturally delicious dog calming aid has never been easier. “Gracie To The Rescue” is rich in the finest natural ingredients and always comes to the rescue for hyperactive and aggressive behavior. 

This supplement is formulated by renowned vets to help your pup to slow down with their overactive and undesirable behavior.  Moreover, Gracie offers a great sigh of relief for those looking for a supplement to treat excessive jumping, biting, and barking too!

4. Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs

Who isn't aware of the tasty and easy to chew supplement from Hemp? Health is wealth, right? That's why Hemp calming treats are formulated with healthy ingredients and are corn, soy and dairy free. 

No matter the breed and age of your dog, it works perfectly for them. This supplement is simply effective. The effectiveness of these chews has gained immense praise from customers all across the globe, and can help your dog right away.

5. FurroLandia Hemp Calming Treats for Dog

Visiting unfamiliar places and hearing thunder has always been challenging for many dogs. Apt for treating dog anxiety and agitation, FurroLandia comes with natural ingredients and exceptional taste. 

Whether it’s your Chihuahua or Bulldog, the calming effect of these supplements will be a pleasant surprise. You no longer need to worry about your dog’s behavior when going on long trips! These soft chews don't just treat anxiety but also add comfort and relaxation to your pup’s everyday life.

So get out and about with your dog, as these treats will ensure they will be the perfect travel companion!

Summing Up:

Our top five dog calming supplements are of unmatched quality and reasonable price. The premium natural ingredients, rich taste, and effectiveness are the real features of an excellent supplement.

Your dog is not only going to love their flavors but will be as calm and relaxed as you’ve ever seen them.


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