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Omega-3 for Small & Medium Dogs - Dog Allergies - Dog Hot Spots - Dry Skin

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Supplement Double Duty: Your Dog Will Look as Good as They Feel

Itchy skin and shedding and inflammation: oh my! Is your dog’s coat suffering from allergies and vitamin deficiency?

NurtureVet’s Omega-3 supplements promote a shiny coat, nourished skin, and a healthy nervous system. This daily supplement is made from a powerful blend of all-natural ingredients that boost your dog’s skin, brain, and joint health. 

Your dog will look and feel better—inside and out!

Why does your dog need NurtureVet’s Omega-3 supplements?

  • A shiny, healthy coat: Our powerful blend of vitamins and nutrients reduces itchy skin and dandruff while promoting a shiny, healthy coat. Your dog will look as beautiful as they feel. 
  • More allergy-free days: DHA relieves and controls reactions to allergies, so your dog can live and play more comfortably.
  • Less dog hair, more dog snuggles: Your couch has never been so clean! Omega-3 supplements improve your dog’s coat health and reduce shedding.

  • Vet-recommended ingredients and dog-approved taste. Improve your dog’s coat health, boost their brain function, and reduce inflammation with a tasty treat your dog will love. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    John Gerchman
    Really great quality!

    Amazing quality! No repulsive odor and Riot does not fight me to take them in the morning!

    Easy way to get all the benefits of omega-3's without the mess

    [ I gifted this product in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed below are my own. ]

    My dog had been licking his paws pretty frequently so I had been looking into products that might help with itchy skin or allergies. I came across the benefits of omega-3's for dogs but didn't want to deal with the messiness of fish oils. So when I saw these chews I was interested in trying them. I've noticed my dog has been licking his paws less and they also help keep his fur soft and shiny. My dog enjoys the taste of these so I use them as his daily treats. Would recommend this product to others.

    Franklynne Quartuccio
    Yummy Easy And Healthy

    This is such a great way for Bella to get her Omega 3 So easy I Crumble it on her food or give as treat Super for when we travel too And she loves it Thanks


    I love how soft these chews are! I give Gizmo 1 every morning. He begs for more every time. His coat is always looking shiny and healthy. Way less scratching since he started eating these.

    Luna Russell
    My pup loves these!

    My pup gobbled these up and was looking for the crumbs afterwards! She loved the taste and these will keep her coat looking beautiful and her joints healthy!