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Dog Grooming Wipes (Aloe & Oatmeal) - Removes Dirt and Odor

$15.99 USD

Convenient, Soothing Formula for Sensitive Areas

If your dog has a tendency to get dirty, especially on your regular walks or trips to the dog park, you know the struggle of bathing your dog. While you want your dog to be clean, regular bathing isn’t convenient or healthy for your dog’s skin.

That’s where NurtureVet’s convenient Oatmeal Grooming Wipes come in handy.

These easy-to-use wipes are a convenient solution to keep your dog clean and their skin nourished. With the soothing effects of aloe and oatmeal, your dog will smell fresh without any harsh chemicals. 

What makes NurtureVet’s Ear wipes so great?

  • Soothing formula that’s sensitive-skin-approved: Made from 100% natural ingredients, our Oatmeal Wipes are perfect for sensitive, irradiated skin. Clean with confidence knowing these wipes are free of parabens, alcohol, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals. 
  • Effective hygiene anywhere: The specially formulated wipes make it quick and easy to clean your dog, even on the go. Effectively remove dirt, dander, and odor, no matter where you are. 
  • A thorough clean, every time: The convenient wipe format makes it easy to clean even the most sensitive areas, like foot pads, skin folds, or armpits. Your dog will be fresh and clean from head to paw. 

  • Your dog’s hygiene is a key component to their overall health. NurtureVet’s oatmeal wipes make it easy and convenient to keep your dog clean, fresh, and happy. 

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    We’re in love with how great they work and how amazing they smell.

    Odin is ready to be pampered with some NurtureVet Aloe and oatmeal wipes…we’re in love with how great they work and how amazing they smell. Dreaming of a beach? Just use these piña colada scented wipes on your dog and snuggle them up! These are definitely worth checking out, especially if you have a dog with sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic, made with oatmeal and aloe, and they work so well to get off dirt and grime!