Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes - Dog Ear Wax- Ear Mites - Ear Yeast

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Stress-Free, Effective Ear Cleaning

Dock-diving, mud-puddle-rolling, and doggy snow angel-making: what do all of these have in common? All of your dog’s favorite pastimes can lead to irritating ear infections if you’re not careful. 

Luckily, NurtureVet’s Ear Wipes are a stress-free way to keep your dog’s ears clean, fresh, and bacteria-free. 

With their non-irritating formula, you can fight ear infections, remove waxy debris, and eliminate odor from your dog’s ears without any painful stinging or burning. 

Why does your dog deserve NurtureVet’s Ear wipes?

Gentle, alcohol-free formula: The alcohol-free, non-irritating formula effectively cleans without the sting or burn. The gentle cleansing and conditioning formula effectively prevents microbial activity, so your dog can play without worry. Stress-free cleaning routine: The convenient wipe format makes it quick and easy to remove waxy discharge debris from your dog’s ears without any fuss. Smells as good as it works: Keep your dog’s ears smelling clean and fresh for longer with our sweet-smelling pea and vanilla scent. 

Ear infections are irritating for your dog and expensive on your wallet. Keep your dog’s ears clean, healthy, and ear-mite-free with our convenient ear-cleaning wipes.