When to give my dog probiotics?

When to give my dog probiotics?

When to give my dog probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can be found in the stomach of animals and humans alike. When it comes to dogs specifically, they have billions of probiotic bacteria in their gut. That bacteria is great because it can help your dog better digest food, boost the immune system and so on. All that bacteria creates a microbiome and it’s very important for it to stay healthy.

What affects your dog’s microbiome?

If your dog’s microbiome is disrupted, then the dog becomes sick and that can be very problematic. Which is why it’s imperative to offer your pet probiotics from time to time. But what affects your pet’s microbiome? Things like parasites, stress, antibiotics, low quality food, age and food allergies are all going to cause issues, so it’s imperative to handle the situation the best way that you can.

Probiotics come in different forms, and you can choose any of them. Although it can be a great idea to talk with the vet first, just to ensure you’re picking the right option. You can find probiotic pills, but also powders as well. Soft treats can also have probiotics, and the same thing can be said about dog food. So all of these are great options to consider, depending on the situation.

What’s the ideal time to offer your dog probiotics?

A good rule of thumb is to offer probiotics whenever your pet has the least amount of acid in their stomach. If there’s less stomach acid, then the chances of probiotics working adequately and not getting damaged by any acidity are much higher. Offering probiotics first thing in the morning is an exceptional idea and it will help eliminate a lot of potential downsides that can sometimes arise.

However, there are probiotics which have different healthy bacteria which tends to be more efficient during the day. So it’s mostly up to the probiotic manufacturer to let you know when it’s the ideal time to take these. Yet for the most part, your dog will be more than ok if you take probiotics early in the morning. It just makes it easier to access those benefits, and it can prevent any issues too.

Do probiotics have an expiration date?

The short answer is yes, they do have an expiration date and you need to be very careful with that kind of stuff. That expiration date shows that bacteria will most likely be alive until that date. If you plan on offering your pets expired probiotics, then you might not be able to access those results you expect. It’s extremely important to study the expiration date and see whether there can be any issues or not. Stay away from expired probiotics, ideally you want to buy those that expire at least a few weeks from the purchase date.

Food based probiotics aren’t always safe for dogs, even if they might seem like that. A lot of dog owners believe that kefir and probiotic yogurt can be safe for dogs, but the truth is that some of these products have artificial sweeteners. Some of them even have preservatives. These are not ok for dogs, and they can lead to all kinds of bad reactions from your pet. Which is why you only want to go with plain kefir or yogurt if possible. That will just make things easier for you, while keeping your pet away from any side effects.

Will probiotics help your pet or not?

Generally, probiotics are great for any dog because they can help improve your pet’s digestion. A lot of dogs have issues like diarrhea or gas, and probiotics are ideal in a situation like this. Not only can they improve the overall stool quality, but they can be a mood booster as well. These probiotics are also great if you want to reduce bad breath, while also improving the skin appearance, fur quality and so on.

With that in mind, you do want to keep the overall amount of probiotics under control. Offering too many probiotics to your pet might not help that much, if anything it can lead to a few side effects like diarrhea for example. That’s why you want to talk with the vet beforehand, just to be safe.

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As you can see, probiotics are great for dogs and if you feed your pet with probiotics it can actively improve its health, skin quality and even their mood. It’s a good idea to offer your pet some probiotics in the morning, along with their regular food. The great thing is that some foods even have probiotics already, so you don’t have to add that as an extra. Keep in mind that probiotics are always helpful for your dog’s digestion, and they can help improve your pet’s stool quality. That’s why they are highly recommended for dogs of any age!





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