What Are The Best Dog Face Wipes For Smoosh-Faced Dogs?

What Are The Best Dog Face Wipes For Smoosh-Faced Dogs?

What Are The Best Dog Face Wipes For Smoosh-Faced Dogs?

Smoosh-Faced Dogs?

Definition: Adorable dogs with short noses and wrinkly faces. Often have big, sweet eyes. Guaranteed to melt your heart. Examples:

  • English and American Bulldog
  • Pugs
  • French Bulldog
  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer
  • Mastiffs
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Shih Tzu

Technically known as brachycephalic dogs, these smoosh-faced pups are funny and endearing: full of extra skin and short noses.  While those wrinkles are cute, they do come with care. If you are thinking about bringing a smooshed-faced dog into your home, it’s important to know the care that their faces require. And maybe you already have a friend that could use some TLC for their wrinkles (and I’m not talking about your grandpa).

Wrinkle Concerns

The valleys of the wrinkles can be a place where dirt, bacteria, and moisture can accumulate. You also have to worry about bodily fluids, like eye discharge and saliva collecting in wrinkles as well. 

This is a recipe for skin irritation, fungus, and even infections.  That sounds like it would pretty uncomfortable for our smoosh-faced dogs!

Take time to check on your dog’s face. Look between the wrinkles for build-up or red, angry skin.  Also check around their eyes and mouths for tear and saliva staining. Being aware of your dog’s skin status can go along way in the prevention of nasty infections!

Keeping it Clean

All that extra face skin on dogs like pugs and bulldogs requires a little attention. Cleaning in between wrinkles and around the mouth and eye area once a day can literally keep the doctor away! 

Dog face wipes are an easy way to keep your dog’s face clean. These helpful wipes allow you to clean in the crevices of your dog’s face, preventing skin irritation and accumulation of bacteria.  

Dog Face Wipes

Look for dog face wipes that are made specifically for dogs.  These wipes contain ingredients appropriate for a dog’s skin. Ingredients like aloe and oatmeal are going to be soothing for a dog’s skin, especially on tender face skin and wrinkles.  

There are dog face wipes that are made for those pesky saliva and tear stains that you might find on smoosh-faced dogs. These products will be cleansing, yet gentle on your dog’s skin.

A general dog face wipe will be an excellent choice for keeping those wrinkles clean. Designed to wipe away dirt, allergens, and dander, you can prevent a lot of irritation in wrinkle crevices.  

Talk with a Professional

If you find that your smoosh-faced dog has an infection or fungus, please contact your veterinarian. Skin issues can be uncomfortable and painful. While we want to keep our dogs super cute, it’s important that we take care of their skin for their well-being. 

We Love a Cute and Healthy Face

Regular care of your dog’s smooshed-face will go a long way for their health. Skincare for dogs may not seem like a top priority, but for our brachycephalic dogs, it should really be up there. With skin as their biggest organ, skin irritation and infections can really affect their standard of life. 

Taking care of their faces shouldn’t be too hard though, we already love paying attention to those cute faces!  Add a dog face wipe to your routine for prevention and maintenance! 

Joelle Cuprak, NurtureVet Guest Blogger


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