Vet-Recommended Dog Dental Wipes

Vet-Recommended Dog Dental Wipes

Vet-Recommended Dog Dental Wipes

According to Pet MD, by age 3, 80% of dogs suffer from some periodontal disease.” These periodontal diseases can pose serious health hazards to our canine friends. 

If your dog's oral hygiene goes wrong, this means A LOT OF vet trips (and paying their high bills). So why not prevent this from happening and make your dog’s dental care a vital part of his day-to-day routine?

There are multiple products available to maintain the oral hygiene of your dog. For instance:

But dog dental wipes remain on the top of the list for the dogs who hate getting their teeth brushed. These dental dog wipes contain chlorhexidine gluconate. It decreases the bacterial burden in the dog's mouth like zinc gluconate.

(More about the dental wipes later!)

The Number 1. Vet-Recommended Dog Dental Wipes That Every Dog Owner Relies Upon

We have prepared a dog dental wipes review to keep your doggo’s teeth free from plaque and tartar buildup. Here you go! 

Nature Vet Dental Wipes For Dogs

Are you worried about your dog’s nasty breath?  

You might have tried brushing your dog’s teeth and those water additives, right? So, it’s the right time to switch to these heavenly dental wipes. 

Made of active and powerful ingredients, these dental wipes work wonders on your dog's sparkly whites and leave your dog's breath smell minty so that you never miss enjoying doggie kisses again!


  • Freshens your dog’s breath 
  • Promotes healthier teeth and gums 
  • Reduces plaque, tartar, and calculus buildup  
    • Antimicrobial
    • Vet-recommended  


                                           No cons found as such


    Are Dog Dental Wipes Effective?

    Of course! Dog dental wipes are effective but for a quick clean-up. They remove the biofilm that builds up on your dog’s teeth. Dog's teeth have more grooves and cervices than human teeth. So, dog dental wipes might not be as effective as a toothbrush in cleaning out those narrow cavities in your dog's teeth.

    Are Dental Wipes Good for Dogs?

    Dental wipes are as good as brushing but much easier to use. They are a perfect solution to help many pet owners provide better dental care.

    They are the most favorable solution for dogs that are resistant to brushing. You can scrub their teeth without too much wriggling. They really help take off the debris and minor stains. After using it a couple of times, you'll see improvement in your dog's bad breath. Later on, their healthier pink gums will be back, and you'll see less tartar on your dog's teeth.

    Dogs Dental Care Tips

    Markets are flooded with dog dental care products. Here are some more products you can keep your dog’s dental health in a tip-top position:

    Dog Teeth Cleaning Mouthwash:  You can put dog mouthwashes in your dog’s water bowl to combat bad breath.

    Dog Toothbrushes:  Use dog-friendly toothbrushes. They come in all sizes and bend at different angles to clean the teeth properly.

    Dog Toothpaste for Gum Disease:  Brush your dog’s teeth with a vet-approved or Xylitol-free toothpaste.

    Dog Dental Cleaning Chews: Get your dog’s teeth cleaning done with the help of tasty chews that they’ll enjoy eating. 

    Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Dental Wipes 

    The dental health of a dog is as important as it is for humans. But, before you decide to invest some bucks on buying dental wipes, here’s what you need to consider:

    What Does Your Dog Prefer? Dental Wipes or Toothpaste?

    Dental wipes are a heavenly option to keep tartar buildup and bad breath away from your dog when he’s in the training process. But most dogs also find it uncomfortable to get their teeth brushed. For such fur friends, dental dog wipes are the best bet.

    Ordinary Wipes Vs. Dental Wipes 

    Using wipes to clean your dog’s teeth doesn’t mean you can settle on ordinary wipes. You must buy dental wipes to keep your dog’s pearly whites clean. Moreover, you might be interested in preparing DIY dental wipes for your dog, but that can be an unsafe option. We only recommend you buy vet-recommended dental wipes to clean your dog’s teeth.


    Q1. What do vets recommend for cleaning dogs' teeth?

    Ans. Vets recommend brushing your dog's teeth every day to clean the dog's teeth.

    Q2. What is the best product to remove plaque from dogs' teeth?

    Ans. Nature Vet Dental Wipes for Dogs is the best product to remove plaque from dogs' teeth. It's made of natural ingredients and is vet-recommended.

    Q3. How do you get heavy plaque off a dog's teeth?

    Ans. You can get your dog’s heavy plaque off by incorporating different ways. Like, brushing your dog’s teeth, using dental wipes, and giving your dog some dental chews to munch.

    Q4. How to use dog wipes?

    Ans. Dog dental wipes are used for quick clean-up of your dog's teeth. They are as effective as brushing your dog's teeth and work the best for dogs who don't favor brushing. You can read more about using dental wipes here.

    Q5. How to clean a dog's teeth with a finger brush?

    Ans. Start cleaning your dog’s teeth with a finger brush in a back-and-forth motion. Focus on the area where the gum touches the tooth surface.

    Q6. What can I use to clean my dog's teeth at home?

    Ans. The best option to clean your dog's teeth at home is to use dog-specific toothpaste and a toothbrush. Another way is to use a small kid's toothbrush as it would have soft bristles, so it'd be safe for dogs BUT never use human toothpaste on your dog.

    Q7. Can I wash my dog with Chlorhexidine?

    Ans. According to AKC, Chlorhexidine is an effective anti-plaque antiseptic, but not ALL dogs will tolerate its taste. If you want to use Chlorhexidine to wash your dog's mouth, you must consult your veterinarian. 

    Q8. How to scrape tartar off a dog's teeth at home?

    Ans. The best way to scrape off tartar (the next stage of plaque buildup) is to brush your dog's teeth daily with dog-friendly toothpaste.

    Last Words: 

    The best way to keep your dog's mouth smelling fresh is to use dental wipes. Every dog owner should keep them handy to wipe off all the microbes causing bad breath. Guess what? They also make an excellent gift for EVERY dog owner!


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