Do Raw Fed Dogs Need Dog Supplements?

Do Raw Fed Dogs Need Dog Supplements?

Do Raw Fed Dogs Need Dog Supplements?

As pet parents, we have so many options for dog food. The knowledge around dog nutrition is expanding and we are no longer limited to low-quality kibble.

While it’s exciting that there are high-quality ingredient dog foods on the market, the options can be intimidating. As a dog owner it’s important to do the research about what the best fit is for your dog’s health and what is sustainable for you.

Raw Food Diets

Many dog owners are turning to raw food diets for their dogs.  This diet is an attempt to provide dogs with their nutritional needs in a more natural way.  Dogs are very closely related to wolves and while dogs were domesticated, their beginnings did not involve cooked food in kibble form. Most likely early dogs were scavenging and eating uncooked protein.  

These days, raw food diets come in a lot of forms. You can do-it-yourself and collect food items from your butcher and vegetables and grain from your grocery store.  Other options include freeze-dried or refrigerated pre-made meal plans.  Some pet parents do a combination of these.

If you are thinking about choosing a raw food diet do think about what is manageable for your lifestyle.  Preparing a do-it-yourself raw food diet takes effort, including acquiring ingredients, preparation of ingredients, and thorough cleaning of work surfaces. You will also need to research your dogs nutritional needs as well and do your best to make sure the proportions and nutrients are being provided.  

Even if you are feeding an already prepared raw diet from a dog food company, it is still important to create a well-balanced meal.   

Joelle Cuprak, NurtureVet Guest Blogger


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