Do Dog Supplements Help My Dog's Health?

Do Dog Supplements Help My Dog's Health?

Do Dog Supplements Help My Dog's Health?

The field of dog nutrition has come a long way.  There is more information than ever on what nutrients a dog needs to keep them functioning and healthy.  

While there are dog foods out there that are wonderful, we may find that not all dog food is created equal.  A dog’s diet may be missing key components for optimum dog health. 

Our pooches will also need different vitamins and supplements throughout their life based on age, lifestyle, digestive health, skin health, and even mental health.   

Types of Dog Supplements

Supplements are just that, an addition to your dog’s meal plan. They are packed full of nutritional elements to support your dog’s health. But don’t worry! Dog supplements don’t just come in pill form, you can find supplements that are tasty treats that your dog will love!

There is a wide variety of supplements to add to your dog’s diet based on their specific needs too! Being aware of the different types of supplements can help you pick out the right one for your dog.


Probiotics are full of bacteria that are actually good for your dog’s gut. These bacteria can aid in digestion and keep things moving smoothly. Look for products containing naturally occurring microorganisms like Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis. 

Probiotics are great for any dog, but can be especially advantageous for dogs with digestion issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. To read more about dog probiotics, click here.

Joint Support

Joint Support supplements contain ingredients like fatty acids and glucosamine to keep joints healthy.  

Our dogs are always on the move so Joint Support supplements can be helpful for any dog. Consider these supplements if you have an especially active dog, like working or sports dogs. This is also an important supplement for older or aging dogs to keep movement as comfortable as possible.  


Omega-3’s have a lot of benefits including supporting a dog’s immune system and joints, as well as promoting healthy skin and coat.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this supplement would be a great addition to any dog’s diet, but especially those that have ongoing health issues, allergies, or are quite active.

Calming Support

Calming supplements are chock full of ingredients that will help ease a hyperactive or nervous dog’s mind. Chamomile, tryptophan, valerian, and melatonin are a few of the ingredients found in calming supplements.  

Ingredients found in these supplements are best for dogs that get overly excited or tend to be a bit nervous in the world. 


Just like your all-around multi-vitamin available to humans to support overall health, there are multi-vitamins made specifically for dogs needs.  

This vitamin is a fantastic addition to any dog’s food. Consider a multivitamin if you feed a raw diet to supplement any missing nutrients. Dogs of all ages can use the support of a multivitamin as well. 

The Right Dog Supplement

Keeping our dogs healthy is really important to us, we want them to live long, happy lives. High-quality dog supplements support our health goals for our dogs (and is endorsed by the AKC). Assess your dogs needs to find the right supplement for them. Speak to your veterinarian for guidance or for any health concerns.   

Joelle Cuprak, NurtureVet Guest Blogger




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